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Many hands make light work. There are many ways that you could help the Christians of Myanmar. The first way you can contribute is to consider making a gift to a particular need by browsing through the campaigns listed below, or simply give to our cause in general by clicking the "Give" button. Another way you can contribute is by giving of your time to fulfill any volunteer needs that we may have. We'll likely list some of these opportunities in the coming months.

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Latest Needs

Workers stand up a main support beam at the new house being built for ministry workers

Rakhine Missionary House

When Mission work gives you lemons, you can make lemonade.  We sent a group of workers and building materials to our orphanage in Rakhine only to have their work interrupted by fighting…

  • 15% Funded
  • 13 Days to Go
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Latest Needs


Church And Ministry Center 2019/2020

Would you help us build a ministry center in Yangon next to Pastor Naing Thang’s house? Our main project this year is to build a church in Yangon for Pastor Naing’s congregation, Foundation Church of Yangon and in…

  • 0% Funded
  • 379 Days to Go
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Latest Needs


Repairs for Orphanage Center

Every year we visit the Rakhine orphanage center and spend a wonderful afternoon with the children there, but this most recent time we noticed that one of the buildings they live in is rotting away. The front porch is about…

  • 47% Funded
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Latest Needs



Join us on August 24 for our nationwide 4K walk/run/swim. Events are being organized in cities near you. Organize your own event, sign up to run in an existing event, or be a sponsor. go…

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Latest Needs


Change Thru Change

We all have spare change laying around. Rather than tossing it in a desk drawer, put it in one of our Change Thru Change jars. You can also become a coordinator and distribute jars to your family & friends.

  • 61% Funded
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Latest Needs



If the Lord prospers our efforts and we are able to raise the money for the school building in time,…

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