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Provide Emergency Shelter for 100 Families

While all of our emergency relief was being distributed amid the coronavirus pandemic, Pastor Naing discovered a large group of homeless refugees (100 families) whose village was burned down in the ongoing civil war. He was able to provide them food too!!! Thanks be to God.

These tired displaced families, with no one to help and nowhere to live, had traveled from town to town many days over more than six hundred miles from their villages to the outskirts of Yangon seeking help. The deeply impoverished Christians of Yangon rallied around them with Pastor Naing’s leadership and are praying for the resources to build one hundred temporary huts for them. We sent them enough to build the first ten today, wondering how God might use this as a seed to see homes built enough to shelter them from the rainy season arriving any day there.

Can you imagine you and your family walking from village to village seeking help for days on end with nothing, only to be turned away again and again, having your hopes dashed and being told to “go away we can’t help you” as you continued your search?

There are many stories like this in this broken land torn by war and poverty, with nowhere for most people to turn.

With about $300 to $350 we can build one temporary house for one of these families from bamboo and thatch. They can’t return to their village because it is gone and now part of a battlefield in an ongoing conflict.

We understand these needs are far greater than we can meet, but we know it is not too hard for our God to do great things through us. Would you join us in prayer and faith believing we can help get all of these families out of the rain as soon as possible? The rainy season begins this week in Myanmar.

As we begin building these huts we’ll start posting pictures on our Facebook page and letting you know how many we are able to build. Ten down, ninety more to go!!!

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Our ministries, in Myanmar with Mission To Myanmar and in the Americas with Missions To the Americas, have a lot of different needs, some more pressing than others. If the orphans are short on food, for instance, building a school building is not as critical as feeding them. If two needs are only partially funded, then we may be able to accomplish either one. With these examples in mind, we prefer to be able to reallocate your funds as needed. If you don't want us to do this, please select the appropriate option below.


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