Myanmar is a “Golden” opportunity. The time is right, small amounts of money make a huge difference and there is a vibrant and efficient ministry already hard at work.

The Time

For many years Myanmar has been very isolated, much like North Korea. Its government, a military junta, has been very oppressive and cruel. Right now, Myanmar is wide open for tourists. They have realized the great benefits from tourism dollars and help from countries like the United States and Japan. To do so, they have had to make coming to Myanmar and doing business there safe and easy. In the past, those who traveled to Myanmar were in grave danger. Now, with the changes, a degree of freedom has come. People are allowed to openly worship any way they want. Overt evangelism is still against the law, but those who desire to convert on their own are allowed to do so. When these changes took place, the Christians of Myanmar started using the internet to reach out to their Christian brothers and sisters in the rest of the world. Their situation seemed hard to believe for many, but those who have been there have verified the great revival taking place and the beautiful Christian people God is raising up. American businesses are springing up all over Myanmar and Christians are becoming more bold.


The daily wage for a worker in Myanmar is only $5. Supporting a full-time pastor or church staff person only costs $150 a month. Orphans can be cared for approximately $50 per month. Housing, feeding and providing training for Bible School students can be done for $75 per month. Building in the outlying areas, because of the low daily wage, is so much less expensive. Families or small churches can make a large impact with what they can give. Those who come to visit, train and work along side the Christians in Myanmar can do so very economically. More can be done in Myanmar for less money than almost anywhere in the world.

A fertile field and faithful workers

More than 90% of the people are not Christians, so there are millions of people to evangelize. An American Missionary translated the Bible into Burmese many years ago and trained his converts well. The network “Mission to Myanmar” works with, has done an amazing job with very little help. Their work is so diverse and the needs so great. There are many many ways to get involved. There are two orphanages with dozens of children under their care, a Bible School, 15 churches and a little less than 2,000 people in several states throughout Myanmar. They are starting churches, placing newly trained workers in their home churches and continually reaching out to the orphans they find abandoned. They they want to do more. This is where you and come in.