Tim with kids for FBB

We are Foundation Church. We are a covenant community of reformed believers who want to show our faith in what God is doing in His church all around the world.

We didn’t want to wait until we were a “big church” with lots of extra money before we started reaching out. At home we continue to evangelize and look for those God is calling out of darkness. We were all living in sin when God found us and we are grateful for the beautiful feet that brought the Good News. We are grateful for Christ’s grace and love and have asked God to help us find a way to show it. When we found the beautiful people of Myanmar, we were looking for somewhere we could make a difference. They were looking for someone who could help them.

We Believe God Sent Us Here

In late 2012, I was chosen to visit Yangon with another minister who had been there in the past. Since that time, churches and Ministries who heard about our work in Myanmar have been generous and kind. Voice of the Martyrs and numerous other ministries, as well as families and churches from Ohio, Nebraska, Texas, California, Virginia, Illinois, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Florida, Alabama, Indiana, Michigan and even St. Petersburg, Russia have partnered with us to continue this work. We are committed to helping Foundation Church of Myanmar to become self-supporting.