Coronavirus Relief: Hungry Believers Need Your Help

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Hungry Brothers and Sisters Need Your Help

The pandemic has caused a major food crisis for our brothers and sisters in Myanmar. Among the network of many churches around the country that we are working with, food supplies have dwindled down so low that they are near the point of going without food altogether.

Please pray for them and believe God with us as we endeavor to have faith to provide relief that we can send their way for rice, cooking oil, vitamins, medicine, and other needs that they are having in this critical time.

The money we raise will bolster hundreds of Christians and help to keep them from suffering as much of the world is suffering right now. It will also help them minister to those in great need around them who have no help.

Thankfully, God has blessed us with our ministry truck, and we are going to begin purchasing what we need right now and delivering it around the country in the places of greatest need. Pray Pastor Naing and his team will be safe from the fighting going on in the country right now and that they will be able to relieve their brothers and sisters with the supplies as soon as possible. Our good friends are truly warriors at work doing good works glorifying their Father in heaven.

The churches we are helping are in Yangon, Matupi, Bogalay, Kruk Village, and a new church plant in Sindin Village in Rakhine State!

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IMPORTANT: How Your Donations are Used

Our ministries, in Myanmar with Mission To Myanmar and in the Americas with Missions To the Americas, have a lot of different needs, some more pressing than others. If the orphans are short on food, for instance, building a school building is not as critical as feeding them. If two needs are only partially funded, then we may be able to accomplish either one. With these examples in mind, we prefer to be able to reallocate your funds as needed. If you don't want us to do this, please select the appropriate option below.


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