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All gifts will be collected automatically until November 26, 2023.

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For those of you who have followed our journey into the deepest parts of the jungles, delivering bags of rice to some of the most remote villages or supporting countless building projects among the blood-soaked streets of Yangon, you will probably recognize our ministry truck. It has quite literally saved lives and brought food to starving villages far from the reach of others. This vehicle has been packed to the top with bags of rice, groups of weary travelers, or excited little ones soaking wet from swimming in the ocean, and the list goes on. The ministry truck was one of our first big purchases. Soon after our team arrived in Myanmar for the first time, so did Ford. In a place like Myanmar, used cars are not an option since everyone uses them till they quite literally fall apart. So when the need for a vehicle arose and we sent the word out, our supporters jumped in and soon after the purchase was made. Years later, look at us now. What a testimony time can be. You all have been party to so many buildings and wells, medical care motorcycles and more. What a blessing it has been to be a part of this.

In our most recent conversation with Pastor Naing, we were, informed that our trusty ministry truck is in dire need of repairs. We need your help to keep the ministry truck up and running. At this point, we rely heavily on this vehicle, keeping many fed and helping Pastor Naing and his team cultivate community and connectivity despite the distance between Chin State, Yangon, and Rahkine and everywhere in between.

As of now, it appears that we will need to raise $5,000 to get our ministry truck up and running.

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Our ministries, in Myanmar with Mission To Myanmar and in the Americas with Missions To the Americas, have a lot of different needs, some more pressing than others. If the orphans are short on food, for instance, building a school building is not as critical as feeding them. If two needs are only partially funded, then we may be able to accomplish either one. With these examples in mind, we prefer to be able to reallocate your funds as needed. If you don't want us to do this, please select the appropriate option below.


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