Come Covid or Coup, the Kingdom Continues

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The years 2020 and 2021 have been tumultuous for the country of Myanmar. First, they experienced the COVID-19 pandemic like the rest of the world. Unlike other parts of the world and being a third-world country, Myanmar was hit extremely hard by the pandemic. Sickness and supply shortages wrecked a country already assailed by poverty, war, and disease. Then the country experienced a military coup on February 1, 2021. The national turmoil and total lockdown in the country has been devastating.

Thankfully, God has allowed us to continue to be in contact with our brothers and sisters in Myanmar. Their work goes on no matter the winds and waves that surround them. They continue to minister to the fatherless. They keep on teaching God’s Word to Bible school students and in their church as well as translating the Bible into their language for the first time. The suffering around them has created so many opportunities to minister the love of Christ.

Since the coup in Myanmar, our ministry is helping to support 350 Christians who are in hiding. We initially raised the money to pay for their basic food and cooking oil for four months. For a $35 gift, you can provide food for one of these Christians in hiding. Perhaps you might even donate $70 to pay for the food for a month for two Christians. Please keep our brothers and sisters in your prayers in this forgotten corner of God’s Kingdom. And consider giving a gift today. God has allowed new channels to open up for us to get support to them which has been essential for their continued ministry.

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Our ministries, in Myanmar with Mission To Myanmar and in the Americas with Missions To the Americas, have a lot of different needs, some more pressing than others. If the orphans are short on food, for instance, building a school building is not as critical as feeding them. If two needs are only partially funded, then we may be able to accomplish either one. With these examples in mind, we prefer to be able to reallocate your funds as needed. If you don't want us to do this, please select the appropriate option below.

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