Joy is Born in Seeming Chaos

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We are overjoyed to announce that early on the morning of February 16th, 2021, way before the sun came up, we received the news from Pastor Naing that our dear sister Mae Swei had gone into labor, and we would soon see a sweet new face. Our hearts have been heavy through this pregnancy with the uncertain times and the birth complications. We feared for their lives, but God in his great mercy saw fit to answer our prayers and keep our dear sister and their newborn safe throughout the labor.

Mae Swei asked Pastor Mark to name the new addition to this ministry family. What a privilege! With great consideration he came up with Daniel Carson. Daniel means “God is my strength,” and Carson is after the incredible missionaries to the Chin people. Pastor Mark said, “I believe his name should be Daniel because of the times you are living in with great political turmoil. Your people need a man of faith, prayer, and courage right now and Carson after Arthur and Laura Carson who brought the Gospel to the Chin people.”

Pastor Naing said in response, “Thank you all for loving him. You gave his name Daniel Carson. That is great and meaningful on the condition we are facing now in our country. My wife wants to say thank you so much for giving his special name with such meaning.”

Our prayer is that this little one would grow to be a mighty man of faith, planting the cross in Myanmar and continuing the legacies of his family and the missionaries that have gone before him. 

We ask that you continue in prayer for the people of Myanmar and our brothers and sisters there, and our dear little brother “Daniel Carson Thang” and his family as they continue to lay down their lives for the people of Myanmar in the furtherance of the Gospel. 

Thank you all for your love and support for our brothers and sisters in Myanmar!

With love,
The Mission to Myanmar Team

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