Helping the Helpers

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We hear the stories of the persecuted and downtrodden, the orphaned child, the homeless, the hungry, and those hurting because they are going thirsty and require fresh water to quench it, yet they have no well.

You can’t deny that all of these things move our hearts in some way and make us want to open our hands to help.

Am I right?

And truly, it is a wonderful thing to help needs like this. But sometimes we forget those who have given their lives to touch these needs directly and bring the stories of those in need to us. These people go to the hurting and work for them behind-the-scenes, raising awareness to all of these needs and becoming the voices of the voiceless.

Without them, we would never know the names of the orphaned and thirsty, and they would just be faraway people in faraway places. Truly, blessing these angels of mercy is just as important as touching the actual need.

In our work in Myanmar and now in the Americas and Africa, our main focus has been to directly help those indigenous workers or missionaries who have taken it upon themselves the burden of caring for our brothers and sisters around the world.

These, often selfless workers, point us to needs while they themselves are suffering and lacking while never saying a word. We all need to understand how important it is to take care of those who go when no one else will go, those who pick up the cross and truly follow without ever looking back. Although they go with the power of the Holy Spirit, we must not forget that does not shield them from hardship and pain. Many lay their lives down as they strive to build the Kingdom without a word of complaint.

For several years now, we have understood this, and one of our main goals is to bless these workers regularly. Over the years, the Lord has seen fit to open opportunity after opportunity to reach out and take care of many people like this.

We have had the privilege of providing phones, computers, motorcycles, and trucks as well as personal items we observe a need for while we are visiting and encouraging them. We watch as they put so many hurting people before themselves and the needs of their families. From simple things like treating them to a nice meal at a restaurant they could normally never afford because they would never spend ministry money on themselves, to fixing the broken window in their home, or putting in a new floor in their house, the needs are endless and mostly unseen. But for our team, the Lord has put it on our hearts and minds to bring attention to these needs and be the voice of the those who go unseen around the world.

Would you join us in blessing and caring for these incredible workers in the Kingdom? We would love it if you would join us in prayer and partner with us by giving toward this end.

The Myanmar Team

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