Fearless Leader

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A dear friend reached out with words I can’t help but share freely with the rest of the world, to bring hope and life from the very ashes of death:

“I saw a huge fallen tree. It reminded me of your father. The tree housed many birds and creatures of all sorts when it stood. When a tree breaks down into the soil, it makes the ground a more fertile, and rich place. How much more does he have to give after his life, to the world and to us?”

“It takes time. Years and years. His tree will give life to others in stages and in different ways each year. And when the breaking down process is complete, it becomes the very ground we stand on. It is so foundational we might even forget. But let’s not forget this precious gift. It’s a different kind of giving. An endless giving.” – Grace Roberts

Another commented with these words, “Your dad’s giving will not feel and seem as real and tangible as it did to us, but irrevocable are the seeds and roots we credit to his works.” – Christina Hatfield

The pictures painted by these words bring comfort and life. For though our massive tree, our fearless leader, has fallen, he is still now bringing life. He has set up those to come after well, bestowing much knowledge and love for the next generation. For while he stood he pointed us to a hope and a future in Christ, a hope that cannot be stolen. Although the grief continues to be raw and deep, we mourn not without hope, but with a hope that says we will meet again. For now, let us continue forward, walking hand in hand with the only true comforter Christ, and seek to carry on the legacy of a man who fought for life and truth, a man whose life and death have brought forth much fruit and will continue to do so day after day.

In one of Dad’s sermons called “Man of Sorrows,” he wrote: “Jesus wept, and in that respect, I found myself very much like our Lord. This intersection of extreme joy and sorrow as we experienced reminds me of the story of Lazarus who was raised from the dead.”

“Standing not far from the tomb of His good friend Lazarus, Jesus wept with Mary and Martha. Knowing in minutes He would call out his name and command him to come forth, he wept nonetheless”.“More intimately acquainted with grief than we can know, he faced death itself. This shadowy reality was real and present to Him as the joyful miracle of resurrection about to dawn on the horizon before Him.”

“It remains true for us. Jesus continues to weep for a dying world through our eyes. As we look with compassion upon a groaning creation, it should bring tears to our eyes even as we boldly wipe them dry so we can work.”And so I echo those very words as we boldly wipe our tears so we may continue to build the kingdom, an eternal kingdom through love and service to others. Honor and humility wash over us as we know the work is far from done, and we are the people God is calling to do His great work here on earth.

With love, Rebekah Robinette

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