Change Thru Change Instructions

How to Proceed

After receiving the packet, please do the following:

1Purchase a set of 12 pint small-mouth mason jars with lid rings.

Try to find smooth sided jars because the stickers will adhere better to them. We suggest using Walmart “Mainstays” brand jars instead of “Ball” brand jars, or something similar for this reason.

Click here for info about one of the brands available at your local Walmart.

2Place 1 label on the side of each jar, & attach the red slotted lids.

The red slotted lid is made to be used with the lid ring in place of the normal lid.

3Print (if possible) our Myanmar Flyer and Contact Sign-up Sheet.

  • The Flyer can be used to draw attention to the jars when placed in a public area. We have already found great success when people put the jars at their neighborhood pizza place, the gas station they visit regularly, the hardware store and places where people have change in their hands.
  • Interested people can sign up for program updates on the Contact Sign-up Sheet

4Give the jars/flyers to family, friends and local businesses who want to help us raise money.

5Place the jar that came with your package in your home.

This jar should be placed on your table, desk, or in another visible location to remind you to…

  1. Remember Christ’s admonition to reach the lost and love your brothers and sisters
  2. Pray for the orphans in Myanmar
  3. Set aside money in the jar for the orphans in Myanmar.

6At the beginning of each month, collect the money from all the jars.

As the coordinator, you will be responsible for following up with the people to whom you gave jars, collecting the contents of the jars, and writing a check to the mission. Use the self-addressed envelopes to send the check to:
“Foundation Church”
P.O. Box 261
Harrisburg, OH 43126

We will be emailing to encourage you (especially the first few weeks) and we hope you will let us know how you are doing. Consider setting a goal to find a home for each of your jars within one or two weeks. Challenge your friends to raise more money than you. Have fun with it.

You can view your progress on where your donations will be tracked under your unique ID.

Thank you again for joining us.