Car Wash Anyone?

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Would you be willing to host a car wash? Maybe your family or church would like to donate a Saturday to help feed the hungry orphans of Burma.

This could be a fun day of playing in the water, a good memory and would do so much good it’s hard to believe.

Pastor Naing Thang and his family are by faith providing food, a home, medical care and even school tuition for 30 children besides their own.

School is not free there and those who do not attend are not permitted to get work permits. Those children who do not attend school are relegated to a life of poverty and hunger. Pastor Naing is praying God will supply him with the funds to build a school so he does not have to continue to send the children to the public school.  This is a big dream. Mission To Myanmar is working hard to raise the money to build the school for the 15 children in his orphanage in Rakhine State. Starting this summer, July 2014, we are going to be building the school in stages. The school will not only serve these children but many of the Buddhist children in the area who cannot afford to pay for school. The building will also serve as a Church on the Lord’s Day and other special service times. It is our goal to build a boys’ dorm on the end of the school to provide much needed living space at the Rakhine Orphange Center.

We are praying God will move on your heart to take part in this work. Please consider it today.










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