Bombs Drop Every Day

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Today my heart is overwhelmed as I write this letter. It is heavy with the reality of the situations we face in Myanmar. The reminder of our mere humanity weighs heavy on my chest. This is life and death, and sometimes it feels as though our hands are tied. Yet as I write, the Lord continues to remind me that even when we do not understand, we must praise him even when we can’t see past the obstacle at hand. We must worship Him and walk in obedience to our King who sits upon the throne. We do not fight a losing battle. On the contrary, He already won. So as I continue to report about some pretty heavy news from our brothers and sisters in Myanmar, I ask that you praise the Lord in the midst of the sorrow and taste the joy that comes in resting in the ever-present arms of our heavenly Father who cares more for us then we can comprehend. 

On the night of 11/26/21 around 1 AM, over 20 military trucks, two by two, rolled down Pastor Naing’s street. The soldiers stopped at every house along the way, banging and yelling, waking up the owners so that they could search their homes. Pastor Naing informed us that when they reached his home, the gate around it was locked so they could not get in. He also told us, “In the morning, my neighborhood told me that the soldiers knocked at the fence door first, but we didn’t hear, and later they kicked and struck the door as well because my family was deep in sleep we did not answer. The neighbors also said the military is very angry, and they will be back.”

Pastor Naing asks if we would please pray for them. They don’t know what all of this could mean for them.

As further sobering reports come in about the state of Yangon, our team in the states has been informed that the homes of many burn while men, women, and children are missing or dead. On the bloody streets of a city we once walked freely, bombs now drop and many run in fear. Yet, there is no end in sight for those who do not know the Lord. The ever-present terror of a life without purpose plagues many, and the cry of innocent blood screams from the very ground it is soaking into.

Our people on the ground in Myanmar report that bombs are dropping every day, and they continue to get closer and closer to our ministry center. We also received word that a pastor in Chin state has been arrested, and many questions are being left unanswered as many cry for justice and peace.

Yet, in the middle of what seems to be a never-ending blood bath, there is a small-gated ministry center that has opened its gates to its neighbors despite the danger all around them. Pastor Naing, his beautiful family, and the Bible school students who live within those walls, gathered much-needed supplies such as rice, eggs, oil, blankets and masks, etc. They have opened their home to those around them. As they gave to those who have gone without for so long, they began to share the Gospel, using their hardship as a way to point back to a comforting heavenly Father. Their life has become an example of freedom in the midst of a country in bondage. 

As I end this report, I ask you to pray for Myanmar and our brothers and sisters who stand on the frontlines. Our dear family in Myanmar stands in a bloody land, yet they fight back in love. They fight back with comfort and food. They fight with refuge for the unwanted and prayer for their land and their enemies. 

This battle is far from over, and I petition you to stand and fight with us.

Stand and cry out on their behalf. Be the answer to their prayers and fight with us to keep them from being forgotten. 

Pray for our team stateside as we do our best to keep you all in the loop and pray for strength as we receive horrible news and quite literally stare death in the face in pictures that can never be erased from our minds.

Pray for courage to continue fighting back with meekness and love. 

With love, you sister in Christ,
Rebekah Robinette

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