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The Hey Harvest by Herman Kauffman

By God’s grace we have begun work on an “Agricultural” component to our work in Myanmar. Our mission here is to help our brothers and sisters grow enough food to feed themselves plus have products to trade, sell or share with those around them.

This is one piece of our goal to help them build a self-sustaining ministry that has increased capabilities to evangelize as well as care for those within Foundation Church of Myanmar.


As of August 2015 we have been able to purchase and plant 6 acres of Eastern Indian Arrowroot seed in Chin State. It is growing as you can see from the images.


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We have planned our February 8-26 2016 trip to coincide with another organization whose mission it is to help Christians with food and growing food. In addtion we are brining a new team member into the field with us this trip who has extensive experince and knowlege about sustainable farming techniques.


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Our ministry in Myanmar has a lot of different needs, some more pressing than others. If the orphans are short on food, for instance, building a school building is not as critical as feeding them. If two needs are only partially funded, then we may be able to accomplish either one. With these examples in mind, we prefer to be able to reallocate your funds as needed. If you don't want us to do this, please select the appropriate option below.