Imagine Life Without A Car

Imagine trying to care for the needs of 35 people in one city and the needs of 16 more in a city 200 miles away. Every trip you needed to take you had to either walk or take a taxi. Imagine trying to do this while being a pastor, church planter, Bible school teacher and father. Hard to imagine isn’t it?

Now try to imagine it without a vehicle.

This is and has been the reality of Pastor Naing Thang for many years. It was only recently, just last year, we were able to help them get three motorcycles for use deep in-country in Myanmar. These motorcycles have been an incredible blessing for them, however, Pastor Naing Thang, their leader, is not able to use a motorcycle in the city of Yangon due to strict regulations. He could however have a car or truck if he was able to afford one. When I traveled to Yangon the first time I thought it would be one of the first things we could help him with. This was based on what getting a car is like back here in the United States. I was surprised to learn that getting a car in Myanmar is not at all like what most of us are used to. Continue reading


The Lion is on the move in Myanmar

The Lion is on the move in Myanmar.  As the Son of God breaths on the snow-covered hills of what was once called Burma, we can now begin to see lush green meadows crowned with the flowers of faith.

Shut off from the rest of the world for many years by a repressive military junta, the work our forefathers began has continued to grow beneath the fertile soils of persecution. Like the beleaguered soldiers of Valley Forge, they have survived the winter and they are ready for battle. With a little help from their friends across the sea, they will emerge victorious. Continue reading


Burma Missionary Work – History

The first missionary to come to Burma and stay was also the first Protestant missionary sent from America to any foreign field. His name was Adonriam Judson. Pastor Naing Thang of Yangon is building on what Judson started.

In the summer of 1788 in a small colonial town, a minister and his wife were blessed with their firstborn son. Here, from this city of firsts, Malden Massachusetts, the Kingdom of God would boast a greater first for the expansion of the Gospel on the golden shores of an exotic land. Continue reading